Colorado Staycation – Pueblo Riverwalk

Good morning! Today I will be continuing my Colorado staycation posts by writing about the Pueblo Riverwalk!

The Pueblo Riverwalk is a fun activity on a day where you want to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise but don’t want to go for a full-out hike. But be warned – it gets hot in Pueblo so pick a weather-appropriate day to visit!

Pueblo Riverwalk
The beginning of the Riverwalk

The Arkansas river was diverted after a flood in 1921. The Riverwalk was created to commemorate the river’s original location.

Arkansas River
A lovely walk!

You can walk or ride a boat along the river. There are also bars, restaurants, and a few places to shop nearby. Mr. L and I like to come here on a nice summer day to take a lazy stroll around the river and grab some lunch!

Pueblo Zeb Pike
Pikes Peak mountain is named after Zebulon Pike. Perhaps that’s what he’s looking at?

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Colorado Staycation – Glen Eyrie

Happy Monday, everyone! This month I am posting about places to visit in Colorado (specifically the southern areas). Last week I wrote about about the lovely Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and today I am going to go right next door to Glen Eyrie!

Glen Eyrie is a castle built by Colorado Springs founder, William Jackson Palmer.

Glen Eyrie Castle
Side view of Glen Eyrie Castle

Just north of the Garden of the Gods, Glen Eyrie is set back from the road – it is at the mouth of Queen’s Canyon. To get it the castle, you pass the guard’s shack and the Carriage house (this area has a gift shop and coffee shop.)

Glen Eyrie Red Rock
View of red rocks from the Glen Eyrie Carriage House entrance

You can spend the night at the castle or simply pop by for a free tour. One of my favorite Glen Eyrie activities is the afternoon tea!

You will also find some wildlife here. They often have wild turkeys but if you are very lucky, you will find Bighorn Sheep! I have visited the castle three times and have seen the sheep twice – quite a sight!

Big Horn Sheep
Bighorn sheep at Glen Eyrie

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Colorado Staycation – Garden of the Gods

Hi everyone! My posting got a little derailed with … life. But I have a few trips coming up this year that I think will be fun to post about so I thought I would get back in the swing of things!

Colorado is a beautiful state. If you enjoy being outdoors, it is really difficult to get bored living here. This month I’ll be posting about some Staycation Ideas of things to do around the state of Colorado. If you don’t live here (aka this would not qualify as a stay-cation), then these are some fun sights to see when you visit!

Today’s posts will be about the Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The land was originally purchased by Charles Elliott Perkins in 1879. Perkins left the land open for the public to enjoy. When he died, he transferred the land to the city of Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods
A beautiful day to visit Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods remains open to the public and free of charge.

The park holds numerous special events throughout the year including my personal favorite, Bighorn Sheep Day! There are plenty of trails for hiking, biking, and even horseback riding.

Plaque for Charles E. Perkins

I recommend the visitors center – it’s a great place to learn about the history of the Garden of the Gods as well as pick up some souvenirs! This attraction can get very busy so I highly recommend doing this on a weekday if at all possible.

Black & White of Garden of the Gods. Look closely – do you see the “Kissing Camels”?

It is hard to convey the beauty of this place in photographs. It is truly awe-inspiring.

Have you ever visited Colorado? What is your favorite tourist attraction?

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Washington D.C. – 5 Free Places to Visit

In the second post on our 2016 visit to D.C. we’ll be listing 5 places we really enjoyed!

One of the greatest parts about the fantastic sites in D.C. is the fact that most of them are completely free! They do have security so be prepared to get rid of your bottled water at the door but the fact that you can see such historic and important artifacts at no cost is completely amazing. It also allows you to spend more money on food 😉  Everything I’m listing here was free of charge to enter.


Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz on Display at the American History Museum


  • American History Museum We loved this museum! Some of our favorite areas included the Gunboat Philadelphia, the First Ladies section, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz, and the HUGE star-spangled banner. The food in the cafeteria is decent (though certainly not mind-blowing) and their gift shop is awesome. This is a must-see in my book.


  •  National Archives This is also a must-see as you’ll get the opportunity to see the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Because of these important documents, the crowds here were no joke. Just be prepared to stand in line and it’ll be worth the wait.




  • Library of Congress When we tell people we visited the Library of Congress most people say something along the lines of “oh, we didn’t have time to see that.” Please make time to see it! This is a beautiful building, they offer free tours, the gift shop is lots of fun, and they have a ton of amazing exhibits that rotate. The Capitol is really close by so just pop over after you tour that!


  •   White House Visitors Center Months before visiting D.C., we submitted a request for a White House tour. Unfortunately, their system wiped everyone’s requests and we were not able to get a slot (this was my third trip to D.C. and my third attempt to visit the White House. One day…) So instead, we went to the White House Visitors Center. It was small so it was a quick fun way to learn about the history of the White House. Be sure to pick up one of the official White House Christmas Ornaments – they have them available for most years/presidents and they are very nice. Oh, and it’s right down the street from the White House so it’s an easy and quick stop after snapping your obligatory White House pictures!


  •  Holocaust Museum This was easily the most moving stop during our trip (and there were several.) While you can walk into the museum and look around, you need reserved tickets – free of charge – for the Permanent Exhibition. You will want to see this section as it’s the most impressive parts of the museum. Slots for this fill up quickly – we got ours months in advance – and there were many disappointed people being turned away. Please don’t miss this amazing museum!

Other places we enjoyed include the Air & Space Museum, the Capitol, the Native American Museum (be sure to stop here for lunch, their cafeteria features Native American food), and the Botanic Gardens. Oh, and don’t miss the monuments!

Next time we would love to see the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which opened a few months visited! Here are a few pictures of our trip:

Take Away: You can’t go wrong in D.C. If you are short on time, pick your must-see places and expect to spend quite a lot of time inside – these buildings are huge! If you are here for a week or so, you should be able to tackle the majority of the sites, which I highly recommend! If you are visiting just a few days, like us, prepare to be utterly exhausted!

Up next: Come back in December for some ideas on a Colorado Stay-Cation (or, if you live elsewhere – some great places to visit in Colorado!)

Washington D.C. – Where we stayed!

This month we are going to discuss a trip we took to Washington D.C. in the summer of 2016! We’ll kick this series of posts off by discussing where we stayed and ways to get around!

Last summer we travelled to the east coast for a family trip to Virginia Beach. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mr. L and I left a few days early to see Washington D.C.! We had both been there before (not together) but it had been a while so we wanted to explore the area.

We stayed at The Hamilton, a Crowne Plaza hotel. I recommend this hotel for the location alone. It sits at 1001 14th St. NW and we were able to walk almost everywhere. Well, if you are crazy like us you can walk everywhere. If you are a sane person, there is a metro located a block away.


The Hamilton in D.C.


Eventually my feet were killing me (I could barely walk) and we starting take the metro around the city. The metro was super easy to use, the navigation was simple, and it was also very clean. The only time it was super busy was during rush hour. I wish we had something like this where I live; it’s fantastic! You can buy a metrocard in advance of your trip or while you are there. You can reload the card as needed as well.


dc metro
Metro Lines – Super Easy to Use!


Take Away: Bring comfy shoes! D.C. is very walkable but it is big and the museums are also huge. Your feet will hurt but don’t let that slow you down; there is too much to see!

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San Diego 2017 – Day 6: La Jolla and Birthday Dinner


La Jolla


On our last full day in San Diego we took it a little bit easier as we were quite tired from the week’s activities. It happened to be my birthday so Mr. L was open to doing whatever sounded good to me and I chose to do a quick drive to La Jolla.


Lovely La Jolla


It only took about 25 minutes to get here, I think. My main goal was to see the seals on the beach and we did! They are so cute. They mostly were just napping but when they did move up and down the beach it was pretty adorable.


Sunbathing seals in La Jolla


We walked around a bit here before heading back to the city. We did some last minute souvenir shopping before changing clothes for my birthday dinner at Island Prime

Oh my goodness, this was wonderful! The view is amazing (try to get a window seat!) and the food was also just delicious. Not affordable by any means but hey, it was a special occasion!

Take Away: If you are looking for a fun place to take a vacation give San Diego a try! We really had a blast! There is so much to see and do and the weather was perfect the entire week. If you go off season, like us, it will be a little bit cheaper and the crowds are also much lighter!

Up Next: Check back next month as I discuss some of my favorite places to visit in Washington D.C.!

San Diego 2017 – Day 5: Pacific Coast Highway Mini-Road Trip!

Day five of our San Diego adventure took us on a little road trip! We got up bright and early (for us) and left the hotel around 8 a.m. Our first stop was Laguna Beach!


It took us about 90 minutes to get to Laguna Beach from San Diego and thankfully traffic wasn’t bad at all! We didn’t do a whole lot at this stop but we did walk the main beach pier, which was very pretty and looked at a few shops as well.

We continued our drive – taking the Pacific Coast Highway – to Seal Beach. Along the way we drove through numerous beach towns, which was a lot of fun and much more enjoyable than a typical highway drive.

Seal Beach was lovely and I can see myself visiting it again. After lunch on Main Street, we walked their pier and enjoyed the lovely water views. It was the perfect day for this type of stop.


View from the Seal Beach pier


Since Laguna hadn’t taken as long as anticipated, we decided to drive an hour to Warner Brothers Studios and take a tour! This was so much fun and if you have the time I really recommend doing this – especially if you are a movie/tv fan!


The gazebo from Gilmore Girls!


We got to see numerous sets including many of the Gilmore Girls locations, the Big Bang Theory Set, the prop area, and a ton more. If you happen to be a fan of Pretty Little Liars and Shameless, they have a ton of that stuff on this tour too!

Their archive had a lot of material from Harry Potter and Wonder Woman on display. I sat under the sorting hat and was assigned to Ravenclaw while Mr. L was assigned to Slytherin!


Costumes of Mr. & Mrs. Weasley


We really had a blast here and I’m so glad we had time to go!

On the way back, we stopped at the Santa Monica Pier, which was a lot of fun as well. It’s all lit up at night and had a fun energy.


View from the Santa Monica Pier


After a full day, we headed back to San Diego!

Take Away: If you have a free day during your trip, do a road trip! I wasn’t sure if we’d have the energy for it but it turned out to be one of our favorite days of the entire trip! Which is really saying something because we had some pretty amazing days.

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